Nine strong neoclassical tracks with influences from both metal and folk music. The ambience of this album has evolved further since the release of its predecessor; “An Evil of Nature”, with an even darker and heavier sound. The album contains powerful, rich and driven compositions as well as slower piano-based tunes with lighter arrangements; the instrumentation of the songs bidding a perfectly balanced arena for the powerful vocals throughout the album.

Digipak CD, 2021 (DCR002)

01. Resurrection
02. Forbidden Rite
03. Gracious Orient
04. The Witch
05. Kneel Before Me
06. Rulers
07. Love Spell
08. Witch, Sorcerer, Conqueror
09. Kingdom of Sulphur


10 tracks depicting dark tales based on texts from the Malleus Maleficarum, the Old Testament, Jewish mysticism and other ancient sources. The sound is now heavier, crisper and more upfront in comparison with that of its predecessor; ANGELIC FOE’s second album, “Mother of Abominations”. The compositions are mainly neo-classical; however some influences from both metal and progressive music can be discerned. The symphonic opus bids both grandiose arrangements and more bare tunes, adorned with strong and vibrant vocals. Let “An Evil of Nature” bring you on a melodic voyage to the eerie and ethereal realms.

Digipak CD, 2019 (DCR001)

01. The Gate
02. Ashmodai
03. Spirits of Deceit
04. Place of No Return
05. Vision of the Four Beasts
06. Ghostly Paramour
07. Habit and Repute
08. The Process
09. Origin of All Sin
10. The Seventh Seal